Science Update 18.1.19

Year 8 are developing their knowledge on the ‘Particulate Nature of Matter’ and have completed some practical activities on the changing state of matter. Keion has been the Scientist of the week for Year 8.

Year 9 are learning about the Periodic table and have been busy looking at the various groups of elements. They are looking forward to a themed treasure hunt next week. Nick has been the Scientist of the week for Year 9.

Football League

Lawnswood Campus have entered a football team into the Midland SEN league for the second consecutive year. Lawnswood Campus currently sit 4th in the league after two wins and two loses.

The aim of the football team is to unite the campus through football by brining students together from each centre. Over the four matches 15 students from across the three centres have contributed to the football team.


Our very own Year 11 Sam has stepped up and represented the campus, contributing 4 goals and 1 assist. Well done Sam!

If you want to follow how the team are doing please use the following link:

Science Update – 29th November 2018

Year 9 have been learning about ‘Digestion and Nutrition’ as part of their work on The Structure and Function of Living Organisms. This has included a practical investigation. Nick and Morgan have demonstrated excellent prior knowledge and been able to link their skills to cross curricular activities in PE and the sports they take part in outside of school.

Year 8 have been studying Photosynthesis and have been learning how leaves make their own food.

Black History Month Events

On Friday 19th October, the Braybrook centre celebrated black history month with a “cultural carnival”.

The rationale for the day itself, was to teach pupils that we live in a diverse society of multiculturalism, and that unity through cultural celebration can bring everyone together, which we all believe that we achieved! All staff did a terrific job on the day, with; arts, crafts, food, music, sports, themed lessons, assemblies and general support on the day.

Pupils too, contributed towards the atmosphere of the day by; showing respect, experimenting with new foods and drink, joining in with samba skills and volleyball, showing thanks to staff and peers alike. I especially like to thank; Hope, Jay, Marley & Shalom for their special on the day performances, which kept the party alive in the spirit of the celebration.

After organising an event like this, I can appreciate the hard work and management that goes into an event planners job! 🙂 But in all seriousness, it was well worth the stress, and I look forward to planning more “culture” inspired celebrations in the future.


Mr Nwenwu

Multi Sports Update

As part of the thematic Halloween week Multi Sports activities had a decidedly spooky theme. We completed pumpkin volleyball, apple bobbing, a skeleton scavenger hunt and a physical education Trick or Treat activity. The pupils who demonstrated the most positive attitude to their learning were Jay and Jamie.