Art & Design

“Art is the desire of a person to express themselves, to record the reactions of their personality to the world they lives in.” – Amy Lowell



The aim of Art & Design at The Braybrook Centre is to give pupils the opportunity to experiment, create, make and produce a variety of art work using a wide range of techniques and materials. This is achieved through 2 dimensional projects with a grounding in the basic art skills of drawing and painting, printing and textiles, as well as 3 dimensional projects looking at shape, form and texture. Projects will include elements of Art History, looking at artists new and old as well as influences from world cultures.


Projects are design for pupils of all abilities and include Observational and experimental

Imaginative and expressive

Designing and making

Working individually and working as a group

With themes around personal, environmental and cultural.

The key skills that are assessed in Art & Design are;





Pupils receive a double lesson of Art per week. (90minutes)